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Initial ConsultationFree (25 mins)

Investment: €60 (1 hour session)

When I began my own business I was convinced that through conscious and expert design, I could help make everyone's business a success. Sometime this worked out, but a recurring issue that I saw was my clients not being fully informed of the role of design in their business and how it can be effectively used to enhance their communications.


A big challenge that occurred was my client's not being fully prepared  (through no fault of their own) for the undertaking that a design project can bring. On numerous occasions  I have turned business away as clients were not ready to begin the design process, had insufficient information, or didn't know 'why' they needed it.


Another key issue was that even when perfect design could be delivered, the client did not have the resources or know-how to implement it correctly. Sometimes my clients (and many others) were not getting the full value from their investment, and this did not sit right with me, and so, to stop this from happening again I have developed a unique consultancy offering for those on the precipice of a design project for their business. 

Creating the perfect brand includes commissioning a great logo and an audience driven new website, however you  also need clarity, vision and commitment. 

As an experienced Designer, I’ll find the clarity in your message, define your space in the market and build value in your offering.

I will also help you prioritise your needs, give you objectivity on your business and ensure that you get 100% of the value out of the design work you invest in in the future. 

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