Bringing your visions to life.

Your brand identity, along with your content strategy, helps you communicate in ways that will let you achieve those goals.

Where Clarity informs Creativity

I truly believe that in order to create the most meaningful, creative and appropriate visual identity for your business we need to get to the heart of your story, and the core of your business. It would be impossible to express the true essence of your company without getting to know you and why you do what you do. I have developed a number of workshops, detailed below, that will allow us to do just that.


The journey that we take will not only be a process of discovery, but also one of clarity and enlightenment. Through these workshops we are also creating the foundations for all of your businesses communications and it is with the results of these findings that we will be able to begin the journey to crafting the perfect visual identity and visual communications for your business.

I have outlined the typical journey that I take with my clients below, and you are very welcome to contact me if you would like to know how the services I provide can help you and your business.

Let’s get to the heart of your brand’s story, define your brand’s purpose, and ensure that your business engages with your target audience on the most meaningful level. The best brands not only look exceptionally well, but are derived from true understanding of the culture of your business. 


I will help you find focus, align your strategy to your commercial goals, and guide you on a transformative journey to empower, inspire, and capture your audience’s heart and imagination.

When we have clarified your brand strategy together, we will develop your brand identity and visual communications to ensure that your business stands out against competitors, grows your reputation, builds trust with your audiences, and boosts your and your employee’s pride.


Together we will develop your logo and your complete visual style in terms of colour pallet, imagery, tone of voice, typography, applying your identity to your communications including your website, social media, online marketing, advertising and printed materials


Clarity Workshops

The methods of discovery that I work through with my clients will ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of your and your business and we will achieve this through a number or workshops and exercises:


  • Uncover your personal core values and learn how to put them into action both personally and professionally

  • Discover what success means to you and how to manifest this through your business

  • Define your purpose

  • Develop your personal profile

  • Discover your target audiences and develop a deep understanding of their needs, and how best to communicate to them

  • Understand your offering and how to effectively communicate your offering to your target audience

  • Craft the perfect vision and mission statement to reflect all of the above


You will receive a complete brand clarity document that will be delivered to you in a designed PDF document, a priceless tool for you and your business, now and in the future.

Visual Identity Design

Once we have completed the clarity workshops, we will develop your brand identity and visual communications to ensure that your business stands out against competitors, grows your reputation, builds trust with your audiences, and boosts your and your employee’s pride.


What this includes

  • Brand Guidelines - a document that gives instructions on logo usage, typography and brand colours.

  • Bespoke logo (in web ready and print ready formats)

  • Your brand fonts

  • Brands colour palette (colour reference for both print & web uses)

  • Imagery, including license to use

  • Bespoke Iconography* 

  • Vision board

Print and digital materials

You will also get the print ready or web ready files for materials (agreed upon) such as stationary, brochures, books, social media collateral.



If we are designing and building a bespoke website as part of your project you will receive full training on how to use your website. 


Gaining clarity and understanding ‘why’


The journey we will take in discovering your unique brand – The Creative Process

The strength of a design lies as much in the steps taken to create it, as in the final result. The process — the totality of time, effort and attempt at solving the given design problem — demonstrates the care a designer is willing to take and the depth to which they are willing to go on behalf of the client. A good process will guarantee a good result.

 During this time we will clarify your wants and needs, and develop a project plan that will outline our entire journey together. This can be done in person or via video call – whichever works best for you.

Developing your true purpose.


Through a workshop tailored especially to your business, we will discover and define your brand strategy i.e your vision and mission statement, core values, target audiences, brand positioning, and messaging architecture.

Visualising your dream brand.


We will develop a logo that will best represent your business and brand strategy. Your brand will then be presented through a vision board that shows how it will be applied to various print and web applications.

Refine, design, deliver and evaluate.


Finally, we deliver the brand identity solutions and share design files (brand assets) as well as guidelines on how to best implement your brand. We will also evaluate the success of the project.

Clarity Workshops

The workshops I provide are designed for individuals and groups. Typically workshops are provided live and online, through Zoom or Skype. Each workshop will be specifically tailored for your needs and wants, which will be ascertained through a complimentary call or meeting in advance. If you would like to discuss your wants and needs please contact me by clicking on the button below

Uncovering your 

personal core values

Core values are your core beliefs about what is essential. These personal values make up the heart of who you are and what is important in your life.


Uncovering your core values will also help you define your business’s character and brand, and are what support the vision of your business, and help shape its culture.


Find out yours in a tailored made workshop designed for you!

Discovering your

true purpose

A purpose in life is like having a map for our life’s journey. We know where we are going. Similar to our personal core values, we can keep referring back to our purpose when we feel we are off-track.


Knowing where we are headed is such a powerful force. Once we know our purpose, the decisions we make in life help us get closer to achieving our goals. Establishing our purpose and reflecting on our values and our definition of success is a sure fire way of keeping us on track throughout our lives’ journey. 


Are you ready to discover yours?

Crafting your

vision and mission

A vision statement states the future objectives of your business. The vision statement is intended as a guide to help you make decisions that align with your philosophy, goals and your values. 


When you’re working on anything, the first thing you should do is create a mission statement. It creates boundaries, and it provides both a pathway to success and a sense of what it is you’re doing before you start doing it. 


Craft the perfect vision and mission statement for you and your business.

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