Creating meaningful

visual identities.

Your visual identity expresses the purpose, mission, and value of your brand to your audience.


Kasa Koru

Kasa Koru is a private sanctuary, available to rent  to groups of guests, set against picturesque mountains at the gateway of Geres-Peneda national park, situated in Terras de Bouro, Northern Portugal.

Kasa Koru was crafted with passion and considered creativity. The house is decorated in themes and artefacts reflecting the hosts times spent in various pockets of the world, revealing the soul of the place with irresistible style and flair, and this style has been carried through to the design of the website,

The clients wanted a website that would allow customers to rent their accommodation but also wanted to use it as a means to promote their furniture design company and events that will take place there in the future. 




Hereafter believe in delivering person-centred assistance to life’s greatest challenges and provide all aspects of expertise in paperwork and administration to help ease the burden on people going through life-changing events.

The visual identity for Hereafter is symbolic of the roots of the business. The logo for Hereafter nods to the memory of Marie’s dad, Sonny, whose passing inspired Marie to create a unique and compassionate service for people going through similarly difficult situations. The circle design device, used throughout, represents the positivity of a new day while also representing notions of totality, wholeness, and cessation. The colour palette is sympathetic, inspired by the Irish landscape.


The Still Lodge

The Still Lodge is a beauty treatment centre that prides itself on being a sanctuary of peace that nurtures the body, mind, and soul. Founded and run independently by Dee Keane, a master in her field, The Still Lodge is an empathic place of solitude that cradles those who enter, understanding and nurturing their every beauty need.

The Still Lodge needed a complete brand refresh, with a focus on communicating in an effective and personable manner to its target audience. The new visual identity retains an element of softness, while the tone of the communications speak directly to current and prospective clients in an informative and genuine manner.



Earth & Soul

Earth & Soul performs a variety of treatments in the comfort of a person's own space, whether it’s at home or in the office. Everything needed to create a relaxing environment and to be fully immersed in the treatments is provided, including a zero gravity reclining chair, pillows, towels and blankets.

The visual identity for Earth & Soul needed to be unique but also stay true to the service that would be provided. A cool earthy palette was employed, drawing inspiration from clay and other natural materials that are used in reflexology disciplines. A bespoke design device was crafted, inspired by the lotus flower.





IACAT is the accrediting body of creative arts therapists in Ireland, and oversees the development and training of single modality MA courses in art therapy, dance movement therapy, dramatherapy, and music therapy.


IACAT needed a full rebrand of their visual identity. Unable to find any information on their previous visual identity, IACAT felt that they couldn’t stand by it, and needed to have authority and ownership over how they communicated to their audiences. The new visual identity has given IACAT the platform to communicate effectively to their many audiences in a meaningful and effective manner.